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Nothing quite says, "comfort" quite like a luxurious, plush carpet. A popular choice for business owners and homeowners alike, carpet is quiet, comfortable, and is available in nearly any style or color you could dream up. 

The expert flooring installers at Home Solutionz specialize in both residential and commercial carpet installation and can even help you pick the best carpeting solution for any room in your home or office. We work with all major carpet brands and provide professional installation services to help you every step of the way.

Residential Carpet Installation

Carpet is a popular choice in many homes across the Phoenix area. Because of its affordability, homeowners can create a beautiful, cohesive design throughout their entire home for a fraction of the cost of other floor coverings.

Other benefits of carpeting make it an attractive flooring choice for any home. As a highly durable material, carpet can withstand heavy foot traffic and with a stain resistant option, can be the top choice for families with children and pets. At Home Solutionz, we know carpet and our top Phoenix flooring installers have access to nearly any carpet style, manufacturer, and color to complement any decor! 

Commercial Carpet Installation

When you need a highly durable, sound absorbent floor covering for your business, carpet fits the bill. Carpet is an excellent addition to any school, retail store, waiting room, or anywhere else noise and heavy foot traffic is a concern. At Home Solutionz, we work with business owners throughout the Phoenix area to install carpeting throughout their entire building. Best of all, we have access to even the heaviest duty commercial carpeting to ensure a long lasting solution.

For top quality carpet installation in Phoenix, call us today at 480-405-3967 to schedule a free consultation.